The choices are endless to create “your perfect martini” and with so many new gins, vodkas, vermouths and garnishes in today’s marketplace, you can develop your own version with little effort.

The debut of Sable & Rosenfeld’s Tipsy Vermouth Olives and Tipsy Vermouth Onions in the 1980’s soon strengthened the brand recognition.  These innovative cocktail garnishes quickly took over the party scene as the Martini, Gimlet and Gibson were again considered fashionable.  Now fast forward to today and guess what cocktail is the new rage again.  Correct, the Martini has again emerged as number one, enduring since its birth at the turn of the last century and getting stronger than ever with innovation. 

Sable & Rosenfeld has continued its mission to provide high-quality, innovative cocktail garnishes, adding many different olives as well as cocktail stirrers and dirty martini mixes to its offerings since the eighties.  No martini can be ordinary with a Sable & Rosenfeld cocktail garnish.  Chill your glass; get creative; choose your Sable & Rosenfeld garnish; enjoy! Click Here to Learn More